Bankruptcy And Creditor’s Rights

Bankruptcy is not always a function of a bad economy. Whether during a healthy economy or challenging economic environments, insolvencies are part of the business landscape. When these challenges arise, lenders, landlords and other types of creditors have come to rely on Arden Law to help them navigate through these situations.

Arden Law has a wealth of experience in assisting creditors where parties with whom they have commercial relationships are seeking protection under the Federal Bankruptcy Law.

Arden Law knows lending and creditor’s rights, and we have worked with our clients during a wide range of difficult situations and we are highly skilled in this particular area of business law. Arden Law knows that banking and lending is a highly specialized, highly regulated and competitive environment and we leverage decades of experience in this space to ensure that our client’s rights are always protected.

From the application of traditional pre-default strategies to more exotic comprehensive legal remedies, Arden Law has the skill and the experience to help our clients navigate these situations.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Landlord representation in commercial tenant bankruptcies
  • Representation of lenders and receivers in receivership actions
  • Vendor representation in avoidance actions
  • Representing lender interests in bankruptcies by borrowers and guarantors
  • Protecting investor rights in companies in bankruptcy

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