About Arden Law

Arden Law is a small firm with a wealth of big-firm experience. We are highly skilled and credentialed and brings years of legal expertise to every engagement. Our ability to evaluate your case from multiple perspectives allows us to arrive at practical solutions that align with your business objectives.

Whether representing commercial landlords, lenders, small businesses or large companies, Arden Law can deftly handle the most complex litigation in both state and federal courts. With a proven track record across a wide range of legal disciplines, Arden Law is perfectly positioned to leverage our expertise in the following areas:

  • Business Litigation
  • Creditor’s Rights / Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate Litigation

As a rule of practice, we make use of alternative dispute resolution methods and we focus on sound legal tactics to drive cases through dispositive motions or accelerated discovery tracks.

Our approach maximizes value for our clients by positioning cases in a way that enhances the opportunity for either a favorable settlement or for trial, as soon as practicable. While Arden Law places a high value on exhaustive preparation for court, we are always mindful of situations and opportunities for favorable resolution. Our focus is always on solving your business problems, and we are dedicated to arriving at the most advantageous and economically efficient solution available.

Commercial Litigation

In the commercial litigation arena, Arden Law has handled a wide variety of actions such as breach of contract, breach of warranty, indemnification, UCC, commercial fraud and business torts. We also provide litigation services for employment contracts such as competition and confidentiality agreements.

Real Estate Litigation

Arden Law provides litigation support for the enforcement of leases, easements and property purchase agreements. Arden Law also has experience addressing title issues, boundary line disputes and torts involving damage to real estate property. Arden Law has also prosecuted and defended multiple dispossessory actions and we provide a wide range of land-lord tenant services in support of commercial leases.

Creditors Rights and Bankruptcy

Arden Law has extensive experience representing landlords in bankruptcy cases all over the country. Arden Law can also assist vendors and parties facing avoidance actions in bankruptcy. Finally, Arden Law has experience representing lenders and receivers in receivership actions.

At Arden Law, nothing is taken for granted. We continually conduct real-world risk assessments in an effort to provide our clients with the big picture overview of their situation while always keeping an eye on all potential opportunities as they evolve. By employing tried and tested legal tactics, our focus allows us drive our cases to advantageous decision points.

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